Banking bailout debt sparks online Brown-bashing game

23rd January 2009

Aldershot, UK) Fresh plans announced this week by Gordon Brown to use tax payer cash to sort the chaos in the banking system have prompted a UK web publishing company to create an addictive online game where players can pelt the Prime Minister with wads of cash. states: "If Gordon Brown is so determined to spend our cash, let's at least have some fun giving it to him!"

The aim of the game is to hit Gordon Brown with as many wads of cas as possible in 30 seconds, whilst he ducks behind cameras in front of 10 Downing Street.

A counter keeps track of how much money has been thrown at Gordon Brown to date.

You can find more information about the site's mission here:

"There is no doubt that the second banking bailout was timed to be wiped off the news agenda by Barack Obama's inauguration. People are really angry - we get thousands of emails from visitors to our other websites, and, many of whom have strong opinions on how the problems in the UK economy are being handled."

"We want to provide British people with a way to release their frustration at the way our money is being spent, and the debt generations to come are being saddled with. is really addictive. The 'thwack' sound it makes when you hit Brown is so satisfying."

Brendan McLoughlin,

Notes to editors was developed by UK web publishing company Fubra, owners of petrol price comparison site and the popular property forum, amongst others. Please see

Fubra also own the hit online game Fubra bought for £5215 in a online auction in December 200 from entrepreneur and Million Dollar Homepage creator Alex Tew, who launched it after the now infamous incident where an Iraqi reporter threw a shoe at UK President George Bush. The site received in excess of 6 million unique visitors in its first week.