About BailoutBrown.com

BailoutBrown.com is the latest game from the team who brought you SockandAwe.com.

After the overwhelming success of SockandAwe.com we thought, "Hey! Why should the Americans have all the fun? Gordon Brown is squandering our hard earned cash on bailing out the banks and we can't do a thing about it - maybe we should throw stuff at him too."

And so BailoutBrown was born.

Please enjoy responsibility - we warn you... it's highly addictive. And for the record, no politicians were hurt in the making of this game.

The serious bit

The British banking system, like the banking system across the globe, is inherently broken. That much is obvious. As with any problem, especially one so complex, on such a great scale and with so much depending on the outcome, there are a number of ways of fixing it.

However, the decisions the UK government is taking to get us out of this mess involve some gigantic, almost inconceivable sums, and we feel that the government hasn't put the figures in the public domain in a clear, easy to understand format.

So, we created BailoutBrown.com to highlight the numbers involved, and the potential consequences of the banking bailouts for our future. The government is currently acting as the tax payer's fund manager - but you wouldn't invest in a company or business without knowing how much you were investing, would you?

We feel that the truth about the state of the banking system is of utmost importance. But the government seems to think we can't handle the truth. We say - tell us all the details, then we can make an informed decision on what to do and decide if you're doing a good job or not.

In putting together this site we spoke at length to the Treasury press office. We didn't want to be alarmist, we wanted to be honest. We wanted clarification on figures they'd released in a series of wordy press releases - but we were basically told revealing the full extent of our exposure to the banking crises was irresponsible. That, and because some of the promises the government has made are open-ended pledges to 'do whatever it takes,' they couldn't put a figure on it.

Not to jump on the Barack Obama bandwagon, but he seems to have the right idea. Obama's memo to staff about the Freedom of Information Act is impressive, and in his first press briefing he said:

"The old rules said that if there was a defensible argument for not disclosing something to the American people, then it should not be disclosed. That era is now over. Starting today, every agency and department should know that this administration stands on the side not of those who seek to withhold information but those who seek to make it known"

Can we swap please?!

In time, we hope that BailoutBrown.com will act as a hub for anyone who's concerned or interested in the decisions that are being taken on our behalf.

For now, play the game, tell your friends, collegues, parents - hey, tell your second cousins twice removed and the family goldfish for all we care. Just tell someone!

About Fubra

Fubra is a UK web publishing company based in Aldershot, Hampsire. Normally we build popular sites about property, petrol, jobs, car hire and travel insurance, but our members have been getting increasingly fired up about the banking bailouts so we decided to take action. Find out more about us - fubra.com